Friday, November 12, 2010

Stone Creek Development...DEAD?

Tim Marroquin has pulled the rezoning request IN FULL.  It will not be going before the City Council, and if he ever brings it back it would need to start back at the beginning of the process.  This is GREAT news.

Also, the planning commission will soon be recommending expanding the notification zone to 300 ft from 200 ft.  So, if it comes forward again at a later date, we would have more people in the notification zone.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Please plan on attending the meeting on Tuesday, October 12th at New Braunfels City Hall at 6:00pm 

The Special Use Permit hearing is set for the first item on the agenda.  Mr. Marroquin has done nothing to change his development to conform with the existing neighborhoods.  A 192-unit apartment complex on 10 of the 18 acres is a extremely high density usage for a property that borders existing single-family homes.  That is a 3-story, 35-foot apartment complex in your backyard.

We need EVERYONE to show up as a sign of our neighborhoods objection to this plan.

Please plan on attending!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


The hearing regarding the Stone Creek Development has been set for "October 12th". Please set aside this date to come to the Planning Commission meeting at 6:00pm.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The developer has not yet resubmitted his plan for development, therefore the apartments will not be on this months agenda or meeting on September 7th.  I have been told by Holly Mullins at the Planning department that we will have the notification period with signage again if it is resubmitted.

Stay tuned.  Stay informed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Multi-Use Development seeking approval for Apartments, Townhomes, and Retail ajacent to our Mockingbird Heights

Stop the Stone Creek Apartments

(FM 1044 @ Loma Verde Dr)
September 7th @ 6:00 pm
New Braunfels Planning Commission Meeting
424 S. Casteel Street, New Braunfels
(New Braunfels City Hall-City Council Chambers)

On July 1st, the New Braunfels City Council and Planning Commission were presented with a written proposal, regarding the undeveloped 18.8 Acre Parcel located on FM-1044 directly across from Loma Verde Drive and the Loma Verde Subdivision. (see above) This proposal requests that the current zoning be changed from R-1 / R-2 to MU-A. (Residential Single and Two Family District to multi-use "Low Intensity Mixed Use District).

On August 3rd, after Tim Marroquin made his brief presentation to the New Braunfels Planning Commission, several local property owner's from both Loma Verde and Mockingbird Heights subdivisions made our case before the planning commissioners. Even before all homeowner's were able to speak - Tim Marroquin withdrew the project from consideration from the board.
 On August 12th there was a meeting with Tim Marroquin in the City Planner's Office regarding the proposed Stone Creek Development. Marroquin advised us that the plans call for 192 apartment units, one, two, and three stories in height situated on 10 acres of the 18.8 acre parcel. The remaining 8.8 acres would be developed into the commercial strip with loft apartments on the northern end of the property and townhomes located on the southern edge of the property, south of the Loma Verde Drive intersection. He advised that there would be ample walks and greenbelts throughout the property.

We brought up several issues that such a development would have on us. Discussed were the impact on property values; increased traffic concerns; potential increase in crime; as well as drainage concerns. The high-density of the proposed total number of units was also discussed.

After the meeting concluded, there is a slight sense of relief that our strong objection to the issues raised to this development was received by Marroquin. We advised him that we do not want apartments or apartment homes as a part of the development and that we would continue to oppose and challenge any change in the zoning if that were the case.
Please use this contact information to send your concerns to the planning commission and to the mayor and council members.  Also included is contact information for the developer, architect firm, and proposed property management company listed on the original letter dated7/1/2010.

City Mayor & Council Members Contact Information:

Planning Department
424 S. Castell
New Braunfels, TX  78130
Ph: (830) 221-4050
Fax: (830) 608-2109
Hours - Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Current Planning Commission Members
Name                             Term Expires
James Lowe                  May 31, 2013
Craig Massouh              May 31, 2011
Cory Elrod                      May 31, 2012
Matthew Hoyt                 May 31, 2013
Cheryl Casteel               May 31, 2012
Brandon Namken          May 31, 2011
Richard Myrick               May 31, 2011
Troy D. Bearden            May 31, 2012
Tonja Perez                    May 31, 2013

Developer Contact Information:
Tim Marroquin:    (409) 728-5516 

Ted Trout Architect & Associates, Ltd
6363 Woodway, Suite 500
Houston, TX 77057
(713) 266-7887

Graystar Property Management
Email Contact:

Current Property Owner:  
Manuel Moreno 
Phone: (210) 508-9166

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